Fvb construction

You Don’t Need to Worry About Yellowstone (or Any Other Supervolcano)

I would rather see him working and making an honest living at it.Its actually pretty common.I willtry my best to know how to read RAM content sir.I’ve been a brick mason over 50 years and ave seen many brick ties come loose or the head break.Please sir make revit structure video.And I don't even like Apple products, lol.So much for the great hoax of rising sea levels.

Man I couldn't WAIT to see them get payback on that sack of shit sniper!Now my doubts have been cleared.Mine's "we tried every Ben jerrys ice cream flavor".You should take the Tusheti road around Abano Pass.The ones with the flat tops at water level.

This guy presents like he's

This guy presents like he's

As are the blessings This is a package of Info,of Love,Peace,Goodwill and healing.We all learn how to walk and talk by observing others and relying on ourselves!America: How to build the most ugly, and biggest concrete monster.With JP every time is like the first time.I don't want an 80,000 pound truck, coming at me and my Granddaughters on a 2 lane road at 70mph.How does a fresher from india can get job in European countries?All delicious and healthy meals.That’s what every rich person says.

Carlson,I am only an ordinary nuclear phycisist and, at 72, I still do remember some professors during my study days, a long time ago.The union is not for everybody there's benefits to being in the union and there's benefits to not being in a union.Gaando bhaag kyu raha ho, peche kutta parha hai kia?Maybe that means the mold needs to change.This is the man to kill dreams.Legend has it Matt can't see past flashing details to look out a window.Do they have somebody looking out for their safety and welfare?Is it me or does he finish every sentence in an upward inflection as if he is asking a question or am I making itup?Union busting idiot.

Despite all the comments and conspiracy surrounding either party both Bernie and Biden's campaign should consider uniting and combining their ticket whomever is the front runner.I play a lot of Sims!Anyone who is determined and hungry will be driven and focus again has nothing to do with sex.That's cool didn't know some of that about the union!E dislike adichavarod nigalkk parayamo ethu pole.

Brad the Pitts

Absolutely brilliant, how long is the winter there?

Neptune Rose

11:38 Wth, that baby on the right! Looks like its head is busted open and a black eye! any one else seeing this?

Gabriel Gabriel

''will you be roasting any chicken tonight..?''

dreadygirl :3

me throughout this whole video: STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT STOP ITAAAAAAAAA

Renu Devi

Thanks sir

Shah Faisal

Salam Bhai. Italy k forever documents ireland men change ho skte hen??

ash gabriele

hey terry its looking good so far! (just about to watch part 2) what did you do with all the soil, did you hire a skip? cheers ash

Peter Campi

43:25 You know things are getting serious when they start playing Industrial from CC '95.

Somebody that doesn’t like you.

Enjoy your shower

Fernando Vsquez

Good job

Denis Grebennicov

I guess I have to take these areas more seriously. Thank you for you advice!!!

Inbread Fred

They talk funny

Thuy Trang



Ah wow, the pallets look like shit! Haha

DARKMATTER Silent Surgeon

Most Americans DON'T want to do those jobs. Race really isn't a factor. Everyone wants to be singer or rapper or pro athletes or gangsters. this is a country full of lazy, spoiled brats.

Victor Alaike

What a great video!! As a sales manager I need this.

naufalian tama


Imperial Services

That machine is awesomebut in far away from that I just started the lawn business in April this year getting the mowing customer base built up this year I'm going to try to get both mow and some landscape scape jobs some customers already are asking for this next season so I'm going for it Thanks for your videos

Saim Raza

Achi he


Of course he's going to say it's his 'dream' job. Anything less and he'll be sent to a re-education camp.

Alex Logie

I always hate seeing motorcyclists do that, I must be the most conservative, non-risk taking motorcycle rider out there, yet I still got into a hit and run that totaled my bike, I was lucky I didnt go through someones windshield. And something like this, with no gear, at 60 mph easily where any part of your bike could catch and send you flying makes me nauseated, stay safe yall on god

Electrician Rahul

Good video sir


Great tutorial

Wapi Farang

why not cut the ground in 2-3 pieces in the middle so that the tractors and trolleys had more way to unload the trolleys and the combine harvesters did not remain firm, the combine works 1-2 months a year and in those months you must stop, only if it is a failure you must stop, must always walk and work, I apologize this and my thoughts, I apologize

Massimo Official

Numbers one


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