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I did the contract paperwork thing from then on.Are you visiting Singapore on a budget?Termidor sc on the exterior perimeter, backed up by alpine wsg out further and phantom on the interior!NEVER try to visit every ride in a park in one day.Lol shut it about trump the world is on a cycle we were on a low and now we are going up (the world is on a cycle we just have not been around that long to konw that cuz we have only been around like 6000 years).Dysfunctional Beliefs: 3:23 Connecting the Dots: 6:35Gravity Problems: 7:57Three Five-Year Odyssey Plans: 10:30Prototyping Your Life: 13:40 Choosing Well: 16:32.

I recently built a new office and the entire thing is 80psi service with type A Pex.Who is interested in how to make repairs in Russia go to my instagram - Drilled thru nut and bolt through each support post would have been far superior to simple screws.For specifics, one could rely on standards implemented by the international community.

Would be an awesome route.

Would be an awesome route.

I have been a sub-contract laborer for years, my main person for work has retired.Corona pr lgta hy voth menge ge.Inka to pakka h BVS.To the average guy,not so good,but if that all you do,I don't think you could beat that trailer!How would you adjust these plastic floats?The virus is a distraction to the real issue.It does my heart proud to see one of my veteran brothers come back home and build his own home.1:51:12 "here's your reward, well done" hahaha.Escada modelo suicdio.

Do more of these videos!It was one of the buildings I wanted to see for myself.Loving the sims music being played as your background music.Truth :  Edsel was working on a V8 in secret and Henry found out and was going to fire his son, but his wife stopped that.Faster than any non Mexican human.Happiness comes from serving the people you love and becoming whole in return.It requirs becoming conscient of our desires.

That's been around a long long

That's been around a long long

Like a working holiday!Nice to see you and a handful of others help legitimize the industry.LTN here’s a farming tip:when you are getting spots for water,one water stream is 4 blocks so if you go four after the first four you place the water and then you have less water but more farming.I had to slow it down to.Can you imagine them building a hyperloop?

LOL same Keyhole saw and snips.

LOL same Keyhole saw and snips.

It was truly a pleasure to watch and learn.Revit has made slaves out of the poor souls that work in architectural firms.Are you guys in Australia?Sallery structure dsn't help.Please some more vids.I wouldn't drop a price of a job just to have a job.Please let me know how construction of building ctivities sequences and their relationships.No weed blocker on anything, weeds will take over soon.Obama really was after all a naive xenophobic asshole who lived upto his middle name.


7:09 aaaand 6:56 this is scary


U R awesome and are reminding me of myself about 20 years ago! ThumbsUp and subscribed!

Telum Atramenti

It's so weird. I did know most of these things for many years (different types of redundant safety mechanisms). I have ZERO fear of elevators falling, I just don't want to be stuck in one if it does malfunction. However, every now and then I have a dream of riding some old, dilapidated elevator in a residential skyscraper, like a hotel of some sort. It's poorly lit, dirty, and I feel afraid that it will plummet, and eventually it begins to fall, and I experience my ears being blocked from rapid change of pressure. It is very real and scary, and I wonder why I have these dreams despite having no fear of elevators in real life... But this is definitely not a question an elevator technician could answer, it's a question one would take to a psychologist. And I am a psychologist, but I honestly have no good explanation for something like this except guesses. Dreams are really weird. We know more about the Eagle Nebula's size, origins and composition than we do about very near, earthly stuff which happens right in our heads, like dreams. I am not an elevator technician, and yet I can explain to a person totally unfamiliar with safety mechanisms how they work. But despite cognitive science background I cannot explain certain dreams people are having, dreams which seem to have nothing to do with memory consolidation, or learning, or re-experiencing past events, or even hidden insecurities.

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Amazing Fantastic Spectacular Explanation Sir

Catherine Artola

Hi, I would like to know how to dress for an interview. In another video you talked about this, but it was directed to men, so could you do a little interview or have a guest to advice women on sutff like how formal we should dress for the type of company we're applying to, because I study civil eng, and a teacher once commented on outfits constructionwise, he said that in the field we got jeans, polo, boots, etc but he also had to meet with clients, go to the bank, and hardware stores all in one day,so we had to pick carefully our clothes for the day, so what would you recommend for some branches of civil eng for women for an interview. See you in another video :) Have a nice day.

Gabriel Gonzales

buenos videos construccionwork 1


There is no true love in this world.As long as we have needs and wants love will be agenda based.

vishnu p vijay

paani jyada he ismein water cement ratio sabse jyada he

alex banks

Mr Risinger, I loved that video I really like most of your videos but this one is one of my favorites it has most of aspects I love most about your videos a beautiful house, discussing of products and applications and visual examples. Also the way you and Austin just clicked with each other. Plus I was reminded of things you have said in passed videos like making sure the windows are sloped down slightly and I learned new things like rock wool can be used as a blown insulation. Please keep the videos coming.Question will you ever be doing a live show where people can call in with their questions. You had said in the passed that it would be once a month for members. I was really looking forward to having an opportunity the call text in?


Nice Work and tricks of the trade!

Belle Greycats

Great Class, wish I was a student there. Such great fun


I joined the Navy. Certified ACR and can do plumbing. I’m retired now. After twenty years.

Santosh Honey

Contact number bhai

Daniel R. Wiegger



gotta love when they start in the middle of a paragraph sentence.

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