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Decision making and it's Process in hindi for MBA/BBA/BCA/B.com/M.com/commerce student learn on tips

We're not stupid we see right through you're bullshit you are not fooling US anymore!I always wanted to be sitting there!Also I’ve learned more in my union jobs.Rutoneeds cleverguys.Very informative.Cutting with a band and crawler or beveling machine is usually J-men work but most of the time they let the helpers cut to learn how to work everything.

OMG would you nut bags ever get over these emails?Great video thank you for posting I thought I was the only one with my business being run around.We got as many clinics around as Starbucks.The home owner got lucky having fairly easy access to existing plumbing and having a pro like you do the upgrade.These channels amaze me with how talented they are with everything they build but this structure looks so shaky and wobbly.I Hired a welder a month or so back this kid showsd up and I could hear him and see him on the video monitor in my office, He had on Birkenstock's and cut off levis shorts!

2K dislikes, why?

2K dislikes, why?

Contact us on what'sApp:1(678)806-6722.The only thing is to make sure that one uses a licensed contractor.I'm going on 28 years single, never been with anyone.Please check out this video where I answer those questions.This are the best tips in the world!

Cancer will not take me today.

Cancer will not take me today.

Harian e piro boss.Crazy sons of bitches.Great team work.We live in a rural area.So the first guy still have the ammo.Holy f 6:00 swiper go back to dora and get your shoes back from boats.As a to Freemason I think he knew very well Edison was a poor inventer but great plagiarist.FromSb Management production, wilma causey Sb, Sb.My idea is that permeable insulation installed in the cavities and over the exterior will allow the wood to breath and dry out, and non permeable insul installed on the interior will compliment and work with the vapor barrier.They been doing that for a number of years.

I dont think people get what the word prank is anymore.I don't think delegating would benefit me even if it would save time.Someone who knows that while the content is gravely serious, you don't need to die to portray a death.I agree with Bernie's Earnings cap and you should after being able to 3x purchase everything on the planet have to put some back in.This just started about 4 days ago and is worse now.From Lachine Quebec) with some of those guys back in the seventies.

Steph Steph

Well you know your a scum when!!! Lol

Andrew Banda

You make that much and you don’t get all your insurances paid ? Lmao can’t relate




"Thank you" to Poncho and the miners in Potosi for letting us see a part of your lives.Thank you, Noraly, for the effort you took in sharing this with us.

Jackson Heinrichs

Teacher: what did you do over the weekend JimmyJimmy: oh nothing much I just built an entire civilization

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I appreciate your videos and advice, thanks!I love my tiny (apx 6") pry bar, I keep it in my tool belt at all times!Surprisingly it comes in handy for all kinds of things.

Liagi Tado029

Civil engineer be like carry a lot of backlog and then clear it at once

Heena Heena Firose

Good video

Rinoa's Auspicious Travails

i cant help but be apathetic to this when SpaceX has proven how little they care for innovation.

gamer streemer

Bhai mujhe job milegi

Jopm 0987

Whats the cost of something like this?


holy crap the dude at 1:27 is a newb, you never run your blade that way, you do the way you did at 1:25


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