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CASE Construction Day 1 at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014

I recently blew past the budget goals on a project while hitting the SF targets and when I analyzed it there was something like 30% more foundation and perimeter wall than a the more compact design the builder typically executed.Dont worry guys, he hasnt monopolized the biggest consumer market, china.And i'm sitting here trying to remember step by step how to build this on the off chance im stranded.It should be noted, the American kids were out gunned, out manned, had inferior planes but were free thinkers, capable of swift tactical reaction and innovation.Also when raining will be flash flood and mud slide.Dude this house is beautiful!

It is great source of information.But Structural design is done by Civil Engineers which Architects cannot do.What's the name of the lead service you provide Eric?What are the types(names) of mushrooms please?Nice technology.There is no long term,Bubba.I am not the regular grandpa i am the cool grandpa.

The guy got shitted on his head.CNN is the most prejudice dangerous violence and terrible terrorists money control.Basically gaining perspective is your ally.Would you say its tiring job.And here we are paying politicians.

Would appreciate if you could forward some inputs for Java developer in IT sector.I'm so thankful my mom did not take this evil drug!I do not know your name dear, so please tell me u make these great video's.You don't reply us on Instagram.Americans have the freedom to go to and fro.I'm an expat in Estonia only thing is, I don't need a visa because I'm an EU citizen already.

I watched the whole thing with great interest.S is betraying humanity and Democracy of the globe, their capitalism has set back their country’s culture, economics, justice system and healthcare.Bernie Sanders frightens the DNC just as much as he frightens the GOP.What you here ) I'm not sure were I am either?Contractors tell me it works great.Wow i love this video thank to all who participated, lovely.

4:56 idk why I laughed so hard.Here's that video of the chamber if you're curious: The music reminds me of "Ain't no Woman Like the One I've Got," by the Four Tops.He behaved as if it was standard for quite a while.Its time for God's children to help out each other no matter of our color differences and that's the only way to safe us from the Devil's medicine.There’s something really wrong in today’s day and age.We did not have blood and body fluid precautions until HIV.There's the 'Green Plan' coming from Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.I give you 1 million unlike.

Cristian Chacon

Do an off road meet with the Reaper

Diane Christoper

driverless vehicles ??robotics , nothing is indispensable , no job is safe we're just told they are

The Carpenter Pros

How has someone not lost a toe! Sandals and skill saws on the floor!!

samuel jagonoy

Is your contractor a civil engineer or an architect?

Blah Bleh

Why is the dummy from I to H and not H to I??????

Peto Pedro

Just basically eliminated chips during tests or production in china and they just resell it to any chinese company which will make board PCB and make card

Nickolas Otta

Good stuff sir! But I’m finding it difficult to get the grasp of the whole concept of trading really. How can I make profits while trying to master how to trade?

mike ausra

liveandlearn ?

The Daily Jasper

The amount of time years at this point so many hour upon hours of studying and learning thing of importance and of value not stuff like what happens when you put a can of hair spray in a microwave now don't get me wrong I've spent many hours watching pod casts vlogs videos on random what ever I decide I want to click on a journey that started basically for music has turned into something I check daily for new uploads and the amount of time I've spent watching actual valuable education material of several topics of a higher value when it comes to education separate again from the random podcast or whatever I have watched I defiantly think I've learned and retained as well as successfully have done certain task very well varying from using your hands building something to designing things from scratch papers written for marine biology quantum physics and a few other fields I should have at least a associates degree to a bachelors degree you can learn I'm that capacity from YouTube as well as learning how to cook or improve on construction skills computer skills things I've worked on in actually college personally I've been able to improve my skills because of YouTube im not saying I'm perfect or a super educated person but I am very smart I'm very good with my hands and with my words and I can talk very well I suck at writing typing I'm not the greatest I'm that field drawing came naturally I can draw extremely good but my writing is not that great I write just like my dad but he always has been good with alot of stuff picks up easy on alot of things and learn a how to do many things sometime that would require several people I mean my dad and grandpa built their cabin and houses and add on to them yearly their 3 story buildings not to mention hunting a animals to consuming it when it comes to.lifeskills survival from shelters food hygiene my dad and grandpa are just beyond talented with that kind of stuff and I am as well but I have so many skills that they do not I'm defiantly not a hunter ever since I've been little my whole family has hunted military police etc and I barely have fired a .22.rifle I was.never interested in hunting and anything animalistic I've avoided in life until just recently I'm 28 and got into the UFC fights and learning health and excersize better late than never but since I found it it a been so hard to ignore I tend to crave it .. sorry to anyone who read this I tend to ramble on when I get bored


9:03 GOMACO CC-1200 on steriods

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