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അറിഞ്ഞാൽ നിങ്ങൾ അത്ഭുതപ്പെട്ടുപോകും || ISLAMIC SPEECH IN MALAYALAM 2018 | KABEER BAQAVI NEW

My password is the last 8 digits of pi.This guy conducted the worst interview i have ever seen.The problem is the honest and good contractors get "screwed" all the time by unscrupulous investors.I know industrial industry so close.Can mechanical engineer be a construction manager?Boot the trash out.POUR the concrete.Watched the reruns of this show religiously (missed it when it was still on-- was in the Navy, on a ship).

I am doing here the PhD, I would no one advice to come to study in UK.Kara jaysa lagray.Pex is crap test it forBacteria after a couple of years.

To help block out the sun and wind here in the Mohave desert and to give the vine plants something natural to climb on.Great audio, like great bread making is in the details.Just think you could of hired someone and put on a nice bright white subway tile who really wanted to do the job.Sir I'm from nepal now I'm saudi arab driving 11 years work ihave saudi license.Bitch can't be without a cigarette for one second, do your job.  I don't value social status.Are the skills I'm acquiring as part of my PhD going to be useful for Job X?Would you mind speaking louder if you make any more videos?Total loser is what you are.I almost took a grinder to my screen!

My husband has 3years of experience in UAE as civil engineer still he is in service but.Wouldn't mind watching allowing the U.Where as petrol, diesel and hybrids can easily filled up within 5min or less.Do you want to have a heart attack have you guys watched the videos of the plank walk hike in China if you think this freaks you out watch even a video of that and you will have a full on panic attack.I passed MA of CA mainly because of these lectures.Dude is talented.Two walls down there metal studhung already the problem is the people had some water proofing done and they demo out the concrete down there and damage and ripped the bottom track out and bent the studs 2 feet up.Cause it is more than just a hat.

And he has to read through it all :(.Where's part 2 of this?Why don’t you give a little explanation of exactly what these guys are doing Most people don’t appreciate what they are doing and how much they have to know.Is this works in California?Without much choice.Kitchen cabinets.Collapsible slump.Haha probably not so much the second part, but having some fun with it goes a long way when you crunch numbers and file reports all day.Thanks for this.Fundraise from your fanbase.

Looking into trade school.They own all the brands and charge high price as there is no competition.Hey, that's cool, thanks for the video.I only graduated high school and was working in retail and I really wanna upgrade my career.This is brilliant thank you so much for up loading this video.The storage room is too small.After i get my PR.I talk to customers first, and would rather take the small jobs.Sam Eagle sponsoring a cook off?

Amazing transformation.

Amazing transformation.

Did you ever get the horn ring in?It tells it exactly the way it is.What about the blocklaying robot for highway and port block pavements?They are hear to stay.Why are you notching out anchor bolts holes on the bottom plates that could lead too weakness of the board never seen one doing as you are doing.Don't be selfish people.I do about 10 mulch jobs a year.Sorry that I complained about my problems.I think I have seriously found my passion and this video pumps me up :)." James Joyce, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

I do the same thing here in Seattle wa USA concrete walls slabs steps, all kind of stuff, but i like the way, the guy screed beautiful.Not sure why that Mercedes pulled the "deer in headlights" maneuver.My son livedublin.Not theway you actually do professional concrete counter tops.See I never worried about H1N1, SARS, MIRVS, Or any other disease.Thanks for the upload!He’s scheduled the same time as Cleo.That reporter is a dick.It’s great to see he’s not in the changing and buying newer all the time trap.Which business major would i do, I'm so confused please help me.

Chela Buford

Let the DNC know how you feel - call and email them!!!!!!!!


I know Wendover has already recommended the podcast.But I just wanted to say how much I always look forward to new Extremities. The Pitcairn Island series was amazing

Shin Lancelot

That guy wanted to make it race thing, trying to covince viewer that white poeple are bad... Typicial vice. Second buzzfeed.

Arjun Saha


lesung batu

8:00 lol hahaha

Leo Joseph

This was an impressive and inspiring self-build!Way to go and way to set the example.This is my first video of your channel, glad I found it!

Guberan Guberan

Thanks lot

Lali gujjar

Visit visa, bad spas total cost please reply. .

stan theman

the largest residential drywall companies can handle all the bureaucracy better. Go to the biggest ones and see if you can get a supervisor position.

Therese Ember

I lived in an RV for 2-1/2 years. But got really tired of the weekly sewer tank emptying stench tiny cramped quarters, constantly monitoring filling up water just to shower cramped cooking quarters and the higher prevalence of leaky roof possibilities from multiple sources. Plus it’s god-awful HOT in the summer in an RV LOUD w/ the generator running.It’s FREEZING in the winter in an RV.If you have anyone sleep over in the front, every single time they turn over, the whole RV moves (because of the tires), waking you up.Also got really tired of carting heavy propane tanks to refill.So, no thanks.Been there, done that.

Alpha Strong42

I challenge anyone to get through all 29 minutes of this without their sides hurting...

Michael Saviano

Perhaps ear protection would be in order?

iliana dicruce

I am also autocad designer and my father is brilliant and very famous architect from Udaipur (Raj) also an excellent interior designer if someone want to contact so the no is 8058583649 thank you

Taylor Jakes

If he announces he'll crack down on illegal immigration I'll vote vote him over Trump

Khadijah Alsmiere

Exalted is the Creator.

Billy Colbert

So it's true. Playing with dry ice and liquid nitrogen is fun.

Khalid Ibrahim

I was a stressful a little bit, but after this lecture I became confident!!!So thanks Hayton

Radheshyam Bharti

Banana Banana

Bernie is in for the people, Bernie for president 2020.

Roger Jones

Going in to business First you build a good reputation Next you build some cash reserves Next you build up Credit. Going Out of business Destroy your Credit Spend thru the cash Ruin your reputation.


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